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We combine innovation, powerful software and delivery excellence to transform the way our customers provide software assurance. 

QA Engineering Services

Test more and test earlier. Our automation-first approach has been designed to accelerate testing, reduce waste and enable continuous testing rapidly. Using this approach our Quality Engineers help address bugs and design gaps much earlier in the lifecycle.

Our unique approach to Quality Engineering, techniques and frameworks provide tangible and intangible benefits to small and large projects.

Increase Test Coverageautomation enables testing of morescenarios earlier in the life cycle Increase Test Coverageautomation enables testing of morescenarios earlier in the life cycle
Enable Continuous Testingearlier using an automation-first approach
Reduce Costby reducing the test cycle as well as discovering and addressing bugs earlier
Transformation & Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services can be leveraged to rapidly assess current state and fast track initiatives resulting in transformational change. These services are also available to evaluate set of tools or prove a concept that could potentially benefit your organisation. 

With a custom framework that is regularly refined and a proven approach, advisory services help organisations implement recommended best practices so benefits such as increasing automation footprint, maintaining currency on investments, faster time to market and reduced maintenance, can be realised.

Our Executive Leadership Team


Rakesh Khetarpal

Director | Non-Functional Testing

  • Rakesh Khetarpal

Rakesh is an experienced senior leader with over 20 years of experience in delivering large, complex system integration programs in the Banking, Retail, Supply Chain, Logistics and Utilities domains. Rakesh has established highly effective and efficient practices and teams, implementing robust processes, procedures, and reporting structures for successful service delivery. He ensures the best project methodologies and governing principles are adhered to in all our client projects.


Abdiel Mancilla

Director | Quality Engineering & Automation

  • Abdiel Mancilla

Abdiel is a Software Engineer and Quality Advocate who specialises in continuous testing and transformation. With over 17 years of experience delivering IT projects around the globe, Abdiel has focused the last 7 years on
helping organisations across industries adopt new ways of working to accelerate testing and improve the quality of their deliverables. Abdiel’s flair for innovation and obsession with quality allow the Turing team to pursue
excellence in every project.

Meet our dynamic executive leadership team with a collective experience of over 35
years in IT delivery, quality assurance, and digital transformation across multiple

domains and technologies.



Melbourne, Australia

Bangalore, India

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